Land-Air Medical Transport Incorporated, a Texas Veteran Owned Corporation, is a versatile corporation that represents and oversees a fleet of independent ambulance companies (land and airmobile). Because of our unique capabilities and our "one of a kind" status, we have at different times been described as a management company, a transport broker, a general contractor, an industry reformer, a county-wide dispatch center, insurance coordinators, a billing entity, and most importantly a liability buffer. Frankly, we are all of the above….and we are a free service!


Our considerable array of select ambulance companies integrates industry leaders dedicated to establishing elevated standards and performance expectations, while at the same time effectively limiting exposure to transport liability.

When Land Air dispatches one of it's ambulances you may rest assured that the appointed company, it's vehicles, and their personnel have all been recently scrutinized by one of our trained inspectors, and that the dispatched unit is abundantly qualified to provide service. At Land-Air, compliance is a daily requirement.

Land-Air does not own or have an interest in any ambulance or ambulance service, and can therefore remain an unbiased subjective third-party. When utilizing Land-Air you no longer maintain or initiate direct contact with any specific ambulance service. By calling and relying on Land-Air you may be certain that the mutually agreed upon ambulance service we dispatch to your destination has passed our rigid criteria and inspection process, and will arrive in an acceptable timely fashion. In short; we are the last ambulance company you will ever need to call and you are "significantly removed from the liability loop". When all is said and done…there is no reason not to call Land-Air. One call! That's our job – that's what we do best.

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CEO and Chairman

Donald Egan a decorated Viet Nam veteran, is the CEO and Chairman of Land-Air. Mr. Egan earned a Graduate degree in Multinational Business from Flordia State University and has served as a Financial Advisor to the City of Houston. Mr. Egan has an extensive financial and business background, and was the founder and CEO of Quaestor Alliance Inc., a major Houston based investment banking firm. Mr. Egan has a lengthy and impressive history with the NASD and sits on several Executive Boards and Committees. Mr. Egan also remains active in local politics.



Director of Operations

Lynn Whistler is COO and Director of Operations, and is responsible for the ongoing daily operations of Land-Air. Ms. Whistler also plays a vital role in maintaining client relationships and the continued expansion of Land-Air. Ms. Whistler has extensive experience in Marketing and Business Consulting. Prior to Land-Air Ms. Whistler worked exclusively with doctors and attorneys providing IT and data communication solutions. She is involved in various organizations and serves as an ambassador to the Greater Houston Partnership. Ms. Whistler studied Corporate Communications at the University of Houston.



Consultant - Internet Technology

Anthony Garwick designed the website for Land-Air.net. He specializes in HTML5, search engine optimization, social media, internet marketing, and mobile UI design. His web work for advertising agencies and major publications has garnered many awards, including his most recent award (#1 Website - Texas). His technique was developed at Savannah College of Art & Design.



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