Whenever a facility picks up the phone and engages an ambulance company, that deployed vehicle becomes an extension of the facility's health care, and any activities, positive or negative related to that transport could be construed as the ultimate responsibility of the initiating facility. In the too common event of a transport mishap (vehicle accident, inadequate onboard equipment, violation of medical protocol, improper treatment by unqualified staff... etc.) the original choice of ambulance service and any negative events resulting from that choice could, in all likelihood, become the responsibility of the initiating facility. Land-Air offers a significant layer of protection against inherent liability, and at no cost to the facility.

Land-Air maintains a fleet of approximately forty-one (41) hand-picked and highly scrutinized companies in the Houston area alone, and we also contract with companies Statewide with over three-hundred (300) vehicles ( BLS, ALS, MICU, NICU, ACLS, Wheelchair, and AIR MOBILE/ Fixed Wing and Rotor ) collectively at our/your disposal, 24/7/365, and numerous additional candidate companies in reserve waiting to be included on our active roster. Because of our extensive and diverse fleet of companies, Land-Air can provide much of the "specialized equipment" (heavy lift platforms, oversized transport vehicles, bariatric stretchers, specialized vents and pumps, additional personnel for lifting and transporting unique or difficult cases, internal/external generators... etc.), equipment not normally found within the average ambulance company. Additionally, Land-Air can and will provide emergency medical staff and technicians with advanced and coveted certifications and credentials rarely, if ever, found within the ranks of other transport providers.

As the management and dispatch facility for multiple ambulance companies, we have the contractual authority and resources to enforce compliance to rigid Land-Air standards. We maintain a constant vigil on our fleet of companies. Land-Air has become the model for future legislation. Supporting Land-Air is supporting positive industry change.

Land-Air Monitoring & Supervision

  • Insurance
  • Current certifications and licensing
  • Service and Complaints
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Compliance with existing rules and regulations
  • Medical Protocols and Procedures
  • Drug testing and Background Checks
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