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The abundance of assorted emergency vehicles and our vast array of specialized equipment (bariatric, vent, neonatal, acute cardiac, lifts, etc.) enables and insures prompt and unsurpassed quality of service to patients and caregivers. We realize that your time is valuable and prioritizing is essential. Requesting an ambulance can be frustrating and time-consuming. Traditionally, simply locating and confirming an available transport may result in an unnecessary delay (sometimes up to 20-40 minutes). And then... the real wait begins!

At Land-Air, we never refuse a request... we always report an honest ETA... and if there is a problem or a delay, we remain in constant contact, continually reporting the status to the originator of the transport request.

Because of our abundance and variety of vehicles and staff Land-Air can provide a quicker routine response time. Our trained dispatchers, working a true 24/7, understand the importance of timely service, and strive to maintain a routine thirty (30) minute ETA. If the situation warrants we will actually “stage” a vehicle and crew at a designated facility so that there is immediate availability during peak hours. Our daily compliance checks and inspections coupled with our demand of higher standards insure superior service. Our lengthy history with the various institutions/facilities in Houston will attest to our superior service. Land-Air is routinely the “go to” unit when healthcare facilities are presented with a pressing or emergency situation.

There are obvious reasons why Land-Air has maintained so many essential and important contracts state-wide over the years. We provide trustworthy and consistent service and we never say we are unavailable or cannot accept a transport. Our ample variety of vehicles & staff enables a quicker routine response time. Your decision to rely on Land-Air is validated with each and every transport. Without any additional fees or charges to the client, we offer the ultimate one call solution for clients that require STAT medical transportation.

Common Questions

  • Q. At the last minute, or on the "spur of the moment" (same day)....what can I expect?
  • A. Land-Air has a multitude of vehicles; a vast array of specialized equipment to meet any need, and a highly-trained 24/7 dispatch center. When a facility contacts our dispatch center...a vehicle is on the way. Land-Air never refuses a bone fide transport request.

  • Q. ETA? How long does Land-Air take to respond?
  • A. We understand the importance of reliable transportation in a timely fashion. Contrary to tradition, when you call Land-Air we always report an acceptable and honest ETA. If there is an "issue", we remain in constant contact, and continually report on the status of the vehicle to the requesting party. Houston weather and traffic!... If we are running late we will advise you!

  • Q. In the unlikely event that there is an "issue", how and when is it resolved?
  • A. As you are well aware, variables plague the transport industry. In the unlikely event that there is a problem or delay, rest assured that Land-Air is in constant communication and we resolve any issues immediately rather than apologize the next day.

  • Q. Are you available weekends and holidays, and even at odd hours, and without significant delays?
  • A. As stated before; Land-Air's dispatch center remains manned and operational 24/7/365. We do not "sleep with cell phones" or "roll-over" inconvenient calls.

  • Q. What about Long-Distance and Client paid transports? And is Land-Air affordable?
  • A. Land-Air routinely transports patients over long distances (no limits) and in many cases on short same day notice. Land-Air accepts various forms of private payment. Land-Air uses Medicare profile as the basis for its fee schedule(s).

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