The "L" Word.... LIABILITY

It is estimated that there are approximately 3,000 ambulances and over 800 ambulance companies in the Greater Houston area. The vast majority of these businesses are transient one or two vehicle operations. Turnover is rampant, and historically even the larger firms tend to dissolve or disappear without notice.


Uninsured or underinsured ambulances comprise a large sector of the ambulance community. Too many vehicles are ill equipped, outdated, and pose potential hazards to all on board. In the event of a mishap, choosing a substandard ambulance service could prove to be disastrous in both human and financial terms.

Most medical entities have neither the capabilities nor the inclination to constantly monitor and evaluate their chosen ambulance providers. The reality is that once an ambulance service is chosen, little effort is expended to examine the ongoing conditions of that service: Is their insurance in force? Are they adequately insured? Are their employees properly licensed? Are they current with rules and compliance? Do they expose you to unwarranted liability and/or what other activities could they be involved with that could have an impact on your organization... etcetera? All good questions with very few bonefide answers.

Land-Air continually has answers to the critical questions.

A Sensible Solution

Land-Air is a no-cost solution to your risk exposure and transport dilemmas. We contract with a multitude of pre-screened independent ambulance companies in the Houston area. One phone call to our nationally certified dispatch center will initiate a vast network of professionals.



  • Most ambulance companies have 'clouded' ownership
  • Many ambulance companies misrepresent their capabilities
  • There are reasons why Houston remains the center of numerous Medicare and Medicaid investigations
  • Medical fraud continues to be a major concern throughout the Houston area
  • Many nefarious ambulance companies have been investigated and prohibited from continuing business... many are still in operation
  • When you utilize/call an ambulance company, they become an extension of your healthcare
  • Land-Air is structured to abate liability without compromising service

Land-Air is structured to abate liability without compromising service.



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